Of all the many things about you that I love, one that touches my heart deeply is your brotherhood and love for each other. Thank you for always choosing Shinhwa over money and popularity. Thank you for sacrificing a lot and for taking difficult roads just to stay together. Thank you for becoming a living example of what true friendship is, and for showing us what wonders a true friendship can do.

To the many more anniversaries to come. To the upcoming new album and comeback promotion. To every one’s individual activities in the mean time. And especially to our lovely maknae who is going through a hard time lately…
Happy 16th anniversary, dearest SHINHWA 

Hi guys. I’m doing a research for my final assignment about the language that international K-Pop fans use on the internet. If you have some time, would you please help me by participating in my questionnaire? It won’t take you long, I promise ^^ Thank you!

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Hi guys!

I’m doing a research in sociolinguistics for my final assignment and I need your help. I’m studying the internet language and would like to examine the language used by international K-Pop fans in online communities. I’m looking to tumblr/twitter convos, comments on K-Pop forums, etc. where international K-Pop fans interact with each other. If you’re often have convos about K-Pop with other fans in your tumblr/twitter or if you’re a member of some K-Pop online forums and would like to be my research participants, or if you know some of those forums and would like to recommend some for me, would you please drop a message in my askbox? Any response will be much appreciated! Thank you ^^

Anonymous: Hello sorry to bother you but what are your honest thoughts on the current Shinhwa 16th Anniversary news? Is it appropriate? Are there any reprecussions and how do you think the decision reflects on Shinhwa members? Sorry for bad wording!


Like everyone else, I was shocked and sad when I first read the news. After taking some time to process everything, I’ve come to accept the decision they’ve made. Under the circumstances, it was really the only choice they had.

Andy’s scandal isn’t a big deal to me but my opinion doesn’t mean much in this situation. It’s a big deal in Korean culture and the entertainment industry that he’s a part of. So in that sense, it’s appropriate that he has to do the same self-reflecting that any other celebrity in his situation would have to do. To us non-Koreans it may seem like it’s too much and too harsh but he has to do what’s considered appropriate by the country and the people he depends on for his career.

I would have preferred if they didn’t have the concert at all but the way venue contracts are set up, it would cause them more headache and bad press to cancel the concert than to do it without Andy (more details about that here). In fact, one thing that some fans seem to be overlooking is that by missing the concert, Andy is actually helping to smooth over the scandal. It shows the public just how sincerely sorry he is if he’s willing to miss out on something as important as his group’s 16th anniversary in order to reflect on his actions. Not only does it prevent backlash against him and Shinhwa for not taking the scandal seriously but it could also help elevate his image again. The more sincere he is, the faster he will be able to put this behind him.

As for Shinhwa, I think this must have been a very difficult decision for them. I’m sure none of them wanted to do the concert without him but I don’t think they had any other reasonable choice. Plus, knowing Shinhwa, I’m sure they’ll make sure Andy is there when they celebrate their anniversary together in private on the 24th.

Also, there are two misconceptions that I’ve been seeing around twitter and tumblr that I want to clear up. First, the concert is not a private event between just Shinhwa and SHCJ. It’s a public concert. There will be reporters there and newspapers will write articles about it. The last thing Shinhwa needs right now is bad press and backlash. People are upset about Andy missing this concert? Think how you’ll feel if Shinhwa’s 12th album gets pushed back to the end of the year, or maybe even to next year, because of the criticism and hate they would get for not taking his scandal seriously. Secondly, it makes no sense to blame Shinhwa Company for forcing Andy to sit out the concert. Shinhwa makes their own decisions. They created that company, Eric and Minwoo are the CEOs and the members are equal shareholders. There’s no big boss telling them what to do. If they made a decision, they made it together with the consensus of all the members.

Shinhwa knows the public won’t forgive them if they make a huge mistake so they are hoping their fans will be understanding instead. Rather than thinking about it as an anniversary that’s been ruined, let’s think of it as an obstacle that Shinhwa and SHCJ have to go through together to make sure there are many more anniversaries for us to celebrate together in the future.







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Look , you have to look at this in a wider perspective instead of the ‘6-1=0’.

Yes, we all are sad the fact that they need to proceed the concert without Andy. But what other choice they have? Postpone the concert? Cancel it?


The rep is representing Shinhwa, no? What they had said in the news is plain, simple & respectful.  It’s nice to have every one as a group at the Anniversary concert but at what cost?

1. Concert venue was booked way in advance. If they canceled, not only paying for the penalty but can’t perform there for 3 years.

2. Regardless who decide Andy’s absence, would Andy feels good that the planned concert is canceled + paying for the penalties because of him?

3. Without Andy, they have to re-arrange all the songs & choreo for all the performances. That’s easier to do than canceled/postponed it to later date? Going through all that troubles they gotta have good reason for it.

4. Most importantly, is Andy ready to be in the public yet?  I rather he taking it slow with the 2 days concert than risk prolong his reflection period if the K-public still not ‘forget’.

When Andy temporary left the group in 2001, we all know how hard Shinhwa fought to get him back to the group.   Any decision they make is not without care for each member and the group as a WHOLE.  They have a company to run.  I’m glad they don’t run it with rational and impulsive feelings.

I’m sad Andy can’t be there but It’s sadder seeing the whole group being punished.

Wow… I didn’t think it would get this far… First Shinbang, now…

This is inexcusable. Really is. And to think I was the one who was the angriest at Andy and forgave him this quick… Shincom, there are other, better, ways to punish Andy, not this. This robbing 1/6 of SHCJ of their bias.

And this is my suggestion, SHCJ. Let’s boycott the concert. Let’s make it so that no one shows up at the concert and let’s show them that this is not the right way. Andy has already suffered because of that mistake, while nothing happened to that idiot Hyesung. It’s enough. Don’t go through with this, Shincom.

Wow… I realize that everyone is entitled to have a gut reaction and to be a bit upset at first (I know I was but I quickly started to think logically), but this is just too far. 

There is just so much that is upsetting in this post that I can barely think straight. I usually let people to their own stupidity but I’m sorry, I just can’t this time.

Did you not READ Phi’s post about the penalties that they could incur if they cancel the concert? Did you just not understand it? Do you think that Shinhwa Company is a huge and financially stable company? Even if you disregard any monetary penalty they would have to pay, there is still the issue of them possibly not being able to have a concert in that venue for 3 years. Now I know people might be thinking “So who cares, have it somewhere else” but that venue has a lot of special meaning to Shinhwa.

And this is not Shinhwa trying to punish Andy! Do you REALLY think that they want to perform without their beloved member? Do you think that this is easy for them? That they are just taking this decision lightly?

How do you know that this wasn’t Andy’s idea? I mean they’ve been in the business for 16+ years. They all know the consequences of being on  the public’s bad side. He might have came up with this. Also he might just not be ready to be in front of people. Would you really want him to have to put himself through something that he wasn’t ready to face just because you are being selfish?

And to even think that someone would suggest boycotting the concert. I find that to be inexcusable. Yeah, great idea. HURT your bias group both financially and emotionally because they made a hard decision and are trying to do what they think is best for Andy, Shinhwa, and Shinhwa Changjo. That boycotting idea is the lowest of the lows and completely selfish. It would serve no purpose other than to hurt Shinhwa as a whole, Shinhwa Company (which may I remind you is run by the Shinhwa Members), and most of all Andy.

Last but certainly not least, you think that nothing happened to ‘that idiot Hyesung’. First, how DARE you call Hyesung an idiot. Second, did you even take the time to look up anything about his issue? Cause honestly, you are just talking out your ass here. Since you seem to be incapable of using Google, here, let me help you : http://bit.ly/1eLm5cH Look up his case and see that he did suffer during his issue.

Like I said, everyone is allowed to have a gut reaction and be a bit upset but this was just too far. From everything that I’ve seen on twitter and tumblr people had their initial gut reaction and then started to actually look at it from Shinhwa’s point of view and understand while still being sad about the whole situation.  

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My questions: 

1. What is your age? 
    25 (sobs i feel old ;A;)

2. Since when are Shinhwa Changjo?
    July 2012

3. Mommy Bird or Baby Bird?
    I love them both… but Jinnie has a special place in my heart lol

4. Do you have all the CDs of Shinhwa?
    I wish ;A;

5. Who is the funniest of the 6?
    They’re all funny, but the funniest maybe Jinnie lol. I just love how he
    always makes jokes with straight face haha XD

6. What is your bias?
    Min Woo and Dong Wan

7. Have you ever traveled to Korea?
    Sadly I haven’t ;A;

8. If you travel to Korea, with who of the members you would like
    meet first? (Someone who is not your bias)
    If it’s not my bias, then either Eric, Andy, Jinnie or Hyesung lol. I
    wouldn’t mind meeting their managers too haha

9. Who you think will be the last to marry?
     I don’t knooow sobs I want them all to get married soon and have
    adorable babies on their own ;A;

10. Moment most epic of Shinhwa Broadcast (ShinBang)?
      I have so many, probably the Speech channel and Ballet eps lol

11. Which of the members love more? : o
      What does this mean? Which member I love more? Min Woo and
      Dong Wan may be my bias but I love all 6 of them the same 

I’m sorry I don’t make my own questions nor do I tag anyone sobs I’m so lazy ;A; Thanks a lot for tagging me, though! It’s nice to come to Tumblr after a while and received this kind of message in my inbox ^^

Anonymous: Is it true that Dong Wan has quit Shinhwa Broadcast because he wants to concentrate as a musical actor? Such selfish reason. If Andy and Minwoo always prioritize Shinhwa's activities why can't he just do the same. Eric has been putting his solo career on the back burner since their return last year. I really admire Wannie's voice but with this decision on top of him not joining SB before because of his drama and his absence in Running Man due to his personal trip, I question his loyalty :(


Of course we’re all upset that Dongwan won’t be joining SB but having this kind of a response is going too far. At first I wasn’t even going to reply to a statement like this but your comment has so much false information that I couldn’t let it pass.

1) His last drama was a DAILY drama. That means they were filming an entire episode every single day. Despite all the work of memorizing his lines, shooting the episodes and filming SB, he did continue to do both for many months. But then SB changed the format to cooking which takes a lot more time to film and doing both was starting to take a toll on his health so it made sense that he had to step away from SB.

2) He was NOT on vacation during Running Man filming. He was already back in Korea when they were shooting but he was at his army reserves training. Even after finishing their army service, all Korean males have to go back once a year and do a few days of reserve training. It’s Running Man’s fault for not giving him enough notice so he could adjust his schedule and choose another date for his training.

3) Why is it wrong for him to want to focus on his musical? He’s playing the lead role and the success of the entire production is on his shoulders. If he slacks off or doesn’t do well, that will reflect badly on not only him but also Shinhwa as a group. Maybe you’re not aware of what’s going on in Korea right now but there is a HUGE backlash against idol actors. Netizens are furious at them for not putting effort into their acting and also snatching up musical roles over more experienced musical actors. Look at what happened to Key of SHINee because he missed one show of his musical due to his group’s promotions. If netizens/reporters found out Dongwan wasn’t putting everything into his musical because of a variety show, do you have any idea what kind of articles/comments would be written about him? And if there’s bad press about Dongwan, that spills over onto Shinhwa too.

4) Eric’s decision to put his solo career on the backburner has many reasons and SB is only one of them. His responsibilities as Shinhwa Company’s CEO take a lot of time and he said he wants to make sure ShinCom is stable before he takes on other activities. Also, when Eric was the member with the busiest schedule, he missed activities too. However the difference is that in the past they always came together for album promotions but were free to do what they wanted during the rest of the year. That way it was easier for them to arrange their schedules so their solo careers wouldn’t interfere with Shinhwa activities. Now because of SB filming nearly all year long, it’s hard to keep that balance. They either have to not do any solo activities at all or squeeze them in during times when SB is not filming, like Minwoo did with Dancing 9. In fact, there are rumors that Minwoo’s show was the reason SB was delayed until November instead of starting in Oct like it was originally planned.

5) Dongwan does prioritize Shinhwa activities when it’s time to promote as a group. When the 11th album came out, he was right there with them in all the performances and all the variety shows. And when the 12th album comes out in a few months, I know he will do the same again. In fact, that’s why he chose a musical that will end right around the time they’ll be doing the final preparations for the 12th album and getting ready to start promotions. If he only cared about himself and was “selfish”, he would have picked a movie or tv show and not cared about it overlapping with their group promotions. But instead he chose to do a musical which has a limited run and will be done in time for him to put all his effort into Shinhwa activities.

Finally, if something this small and trivial makes you question his loyalty then you must not know much about Shinhwa’s history. After everything they’ve been through and all the sacrifices they’ve made for each other (and the group), this is what makes you doubt his loyalty? It’s okay to be upset and disappointed with Dongwan’s decision but having a reaction like this anon is going too far.

Like Minwoo said last year, “Personally he [Dongwan] is an ambitious person but as a Shinhwa member he is a friend who is really considerate. Even if he stands by the side of the stage, he is really faithful to his duties. Instead of leading, being in a supporting role is even more impressive.” (credit: malpabo)

sorry for the spam lol.

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